Medially made excitement leads to stress and burn-out. Constant accessibility and the ever-swirling flood of information on the Internet and social web lead to psychological stress, which has greatly increased in recent years. The consequences: Concentration disorders, head and eye pain, forgetfulness and tiredness.

Digital fogging

Content personalization and retargeting can deliver high-quality experiences. But what happens when people only perceive messages that are in conformity with their beliefs and opinions? The user binding obfuscates other information.

Digital pain

Constant staring at the monitor: Every day we strain eyes and muscles anew. We sit far too much in the job. But we should take care of ourselves. 600,000 Europeans die every year from a lack of exercise. At the same time, we receive around 200 billion emails and 30 billion WhatsApp messages worldwide every day.

The desire for a new slowness

From the 18th century, the change from laborious manual labor to the mechanical production of goods has revolutionized the working world. Today, a countercurrent is developing. The more we are concerned with the processing of information and data, the more the manufacture of objects comes to the fore again. Examples are the handmade economy with its high standards of design and quality. The increasing number of yoga and massage studios as well as meditation offers testify to a new desire for mindfulness, which is evolving from the esoteric corner into an important social current.

Real experiences will become more valuable as digitization increases.

As an agency for multimedia live experiences, we rely on sensual enrichment of reality. Time and space are not replaced by the social web but may be experienced anew. Very well enriched with high-quality digital moving pictures and distributed pixel-accurate in real space. Time and space is also called here and now with the chance of an exclusive experience with the help of 3D projection mapping. Technologies can also help to get back down – through design reduction and abandonment. People want to be immersed in topics. This is only possible with rest. Some things take time – and are therefore fascinating.

Create exclusive Experiences with 3D Projection Mapping


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