Do we need Augmented 3D Projection in Live Marketing?

And what could it mean?

Nowhere do people encounter brands more directly than at trade fairs, shops, congresses and events. Here your customer experiences you and your brand first hand. Because the pixel-precise projection onto 3D objects fuses the content with the product. So target groups can be addressed in parallel across all senses. Anyone who stages brand presentations in space with augmented 3D projection thinks of all interactive communication measures. This creates the greatest opportunity to improve customer loyalty and brand image.

From our location in Hamburg, we work interdisciplinary and combine creative, planning and media technology know-how.

Range of Services for Augmented 3D Projection


Strategy, positioning, idea, conception, evaluation


3D modeling of exhibition and event architecture elements, 3D prototyping, 3D small and large-scale printing, 3D Projection Mapping, augmented 3D projection, projection design


Project Management IPMA Level C, Media Production, Programming, IT & Media Server Technology


System Integration, Media Server, WLAN Guiding & Streaming, Projection Design


Target group and customer analysis, market research, data-based marketing on the physical touchpoint

Enchantment of an industrial product with Augmented 3D Projection

Enthusiasm for sustainable communication

Clear design, harmonious equipment, high-quality execution, most innovative technology and individual support make the difference. So we provide brand experiences that stand out in the long term! Is live communication sustainable? In the minds, fairs, congresses and events are likely to have the longest impact of all disciplines.

For all our enthusiasm for innovative technologies, the meaningful use is absolutely in the foreground for us. Your content, offside from the screen, display or headset, fuses directly with the object itself – embodied, present, interactive and integrated into the real environment.

Let’s go Beyond Screen

Real experiences will become more valuable in the digital future.That is why we are exploring a completely new, open field with you: the audiovisual display of real, three-dimensional objects such as products, room elements and 3D printed forms. Pixel-matched content merges with the objects. It brings small products to life, presents heavy machines in a handy format, or digitally displays decorative, printed design elements. Augmented 3D Projection adapted content appears embodied, present and integrated into the real environment. In contrast to two-dimensional interfaces such as screen, LED video wall, smartphone or tablet, the physically three-dimensional augmented projection overlays things and their real environment itself and directly. In contrast to Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality or 360 °, no headsets, VR glasses or tablets are needed. Alstermedia 3D Augmented Projection also does not create any virtual 2D overlay or even holograms, but allows a true three-dimensional perception directly in the real existing three-dimensional environment. Another key factor is its collaborative applicability. Instead of a single-user interface such as a smartphone, tablet or VR device, no specific interface is needed. This fact enables interactive usage within teams: in product presentations, demonstrations and trainings, at trade fairs, in showrooms or even in a mobile and compact manner in a customer discussion.

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